Introducing Our Newest Board Members

Feb 15, 2020

AWE would like to welcome our newest board members, Angela Nadeau, Heather Steiger and Betsy McLarney.

Angela Nadeau

Angela Nadeau is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CompuData Inc. With over 30 years of experience, Angela has leveraged her extensive knowledge of business technology solutions to advise thousands of businesses, enabling growth by driving their operations forward. Angela joined the company in 1988 and has held several positions including programmer, manager of the Micro Department, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Executive Vice President.

Today, Angela is responsible for facilitating the operations of the company from market development and strategic planning to building client relationships and empowering employees, all of which keep CompuData on the cutting edge of innovation.

Angela is actively involved in the community as a member of the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program, Forbes Technology Council, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Inc Business Owners Council, the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT), and the Philadelphia Business Journal Leadership Trust.

Angela attended the University of Delaware where she earned two Bachelor Degrees, a BA in Political Science and a BS in Economics. She lives by the motto to be bold, be truthful and always be learning; the three core values that have guided her career and inspired her to become the leader she is today. At CompuData, Angela fosters a family-like culture between employees and was honored by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the Most Admired CEO’s in 2018.

As a proud advocate of women in technology, Angela shares her expertise and thought leadership as an occasional contributor to Forbes Technology Council, Small Business Trends, The VAR Guy, Philadelphia Business Journal and additional platforms. She was recently profiled by Susan Rocco’s radio show, “Women to Watch” and was a guest on Executive Leaders Radio.

Heather Steiger

This California girl always dreamed of being a businesswoman and Heather is living proof that dreams do come true -- if you’re willing to work hard for them. In 2005, armed with her MBA and a fierce entrepreneurial way of thinking, Heather was the perfect partner to help co-found​ ​2120 Creative​, a digital marketing agency, with husband and experienced web developer, Brandon Steiger.

As Partner and Vice President of Operations, Heather helps 2120 navigate day-to-day obstacles by overseeing the agency’s operations, including steering hiring decisions, ambassadoring employee development, and spearheading strategic and financial planning, risk management, contract negotiations and anything else that gets thrown her way. Heather plays an instrumental role in the growth of 2120 through business development, public relations and setting the direction for the agency’s presence on social media. She also helps grow the business by developing and nurturing relationships with future business partners and prospective clients. A true people-person, Heather derives her boundless energy from others and is a tireless force at any networking or community event.

Passionate about helping inspire the next generation, this mother of two has coached for Girl's On the Run, volunteered her time to mentor high school girls involved with CCWCF's Girl's Advisory Board, volunteered with Impact 100, and speaks on the power of mentorship. She actively volunteers as a youth mentor through her church's youth group program.

In addition to mentoring others, Heather’s belief in the power of mentorship extends to her long-standing involvement in peer mentorship groups. Through the end of 2018, Heather was involved with a Women’s Mastermind group for over 4 years, and more recently, she has been an active member of a peer mentorship group for Founders and Presidents in the local region. Her professional affiliations include AWE Philadelphia, ANA Business Marketing Philadelphia, Bureau of Digital Founding Member, and Business Clubs of America.

Despite her sociable personality, this driven mother of two ​relishes her downtime gardening, traveling, ​reading, ​or heading to the spa-hhhhh.

When asked for advice on the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, she says "sometimes you just have to do it scared."

Betsy McLarney

Betsy McLarney, CEO of EMC Outdoor, is responsible for building and leading a nationally-recognized boutique marketing agency. For 28 years, EMC Outdoor, an independent and woman owned agency, has been committed to providing location-based advertising programs to connect brands with audiences.

As the driving force behind an agency in a constantly changing media landscape, Betsy has developed a team of knowledgeable, dedicated strategists with expertise in out-of-home, tradeshow marketing, experiential activations and integrated digital offerings. Through creative ideation and a tactical approach, she and her team deliver effective, impactful, relevant results for national and international brands and agencies.

Betsy is passionate about maximizing clients’ opportunities to intersect, connect with, and drive consumer behavior in today’s hectic and noisy marketplace. People spend most of their time away from their home: working, commuting, shopping and living life. Integrated location-based marketing is key for advertisers to connect with their audience through multiple touchpoints, gaining market share as a result. Finding the most innovative and cost-effective methods that drive results is what Betsy and her team at EMC Outdoor do every day.