The Connections You Make Will Come Back to You

Oct 7, 2019

What keeps you up at night?

EisnerAmper’s Chief People Officer Lori Reiner and Senior Manager Kelly Mulhearn started AWE’s Power of Your Network event with this question. The responses raised more questions than answers.

How do I bring on the right clients?

Where do I find talent?

How do I expand my network?

The common themes were scaling, networking, and growing. Lori shared that she became an accountant thinking that she would never have to sell, but nothing could be further from the truth. The key to moving along in any career or business is building relationships. Being able to network based on your relationships is what gives networking power.

Networking is about helping each other out. Conversations that include phrases such as “You should really talk to...” or “I know someone that could help with...” are catalysts to making connections that make a difference and ultimately build business. Lori summed up her networking experience with the statement, “If I can make one connection for someone, it eventually comes back to me.”

How you go about customer acquisition is important, so Lori and Kelly posed another question.

What is working for you?

Not surprisingly, all the answers involved helping people. Volunteering and getting involved in the community helps build relationships that lead to increased business. Offering educational programs, sponsoring local teams, and donating time and funds to various causes gets your name out there and makes people feel good about you and your business. Getting your employees involved as well also pays off.

Marcia O’Connor, founder of The O’Connor Group, relayed a program at her firm where she periodically gives away $100 to an employee to use to help better the world. All agreed that it is important to focus on the mission of the activity or volunteer event, then business will follow.

In addition to volunteering, networking events such as The Power of Your Network also ranked high on the list of ways to build relationships, make connections, and grow business.

Participants left having made connections with AWE’s strong community of founders and partners – and hopefully got a better night’s sleep with some of their questions answered.