Welcome to the Female Founders’ Room

Sep 27, 2019

As a founder and CEO, who do you speak to about business issues, who has experience and can provide an outside perspective on ways to solve the problem at hand? It can certainly be lonely at the top. There’s actually a term for what you’re feeling: executive isolation.

“As a woman leading a rapidly growing company, it’s not uncommon for me to be the only person in the room who has founded a company and who understands the journey and its associated growing pains,” shares Ellie Stang, Founder and CEO at ProgenyHealth.

According to Harvard Business Review, being isolated at the top can compromise your decision-making and leadership effectiveness. A survey by RHR International found that half of CEOs experience feelings of loneliness in their roles. Of this group, 61% believe isolation hinders their performance.

One way to counteract this problem is to look for others like you. But as Ellie shares, “It can be hard to find peers when you need mentorship or just an opportunity to share what’s going on, where you know you’re going to get an honest opinion from someone who knows what I’m going through. So often women leadership organizations don’t have members who understand first-hand the challenges in founding a company from concept to scale.”

At AWE, we cultivate an unmatched trust network of women founders actively scaling their companies, many of whom can be classified as high-growth founders.

This network meets every month for our in-person Founders Roundtable, which provides a critical opportunity for peer exchange. We share our experiences, as well as our expertise, to move each other forward. Our discussions focus on the challenges related to scaling a business including hiring employees, taking loans, raising capital and exit strategies.

Ellie found a place at AWE years ago. “When I joined AWE, I found a collection of like-minded people who are on the same journey, who understand quickly what you are going through. The Founders Roundtables are very educational, a place where I always learn something new.”

Make sure that you have a seat at the table to leverage the collective experience, expertise, and advice of your fellow founders. They’re here, and they’re in the room.