M3 Engages Packed Discussion Rooms

Feb 13, 2019

Our 2019 started with the 6th Annual M3-Members Mentoring Members event.

After some critical, new-year networking, Eve Ackerley and Carolyn Horner, co-founders and CEO and COO of Jenzy, shared their stories as startup women founders.

Eve and Carolyn were the winners of The Pitch competition during The Intersection back in November. Their company, Jenzy, is an e-commerce platform powered by innovative sizing technology that makes it easy to buy the right size shoes for young kids online.

At M3, they shared the importance of finding mentors along the journey, as well as some other key pieces of wisdom they have picked up:

  1. Be Focused. Look at one problem…solve it…move on.
  2. Build a Network. Learn what questions to ask, then find the individuals who can answer them.
  3. Be Positive. Have a “You’ve Got This!” attitude.

They also shared the importance of following these steps when meeting with a mentor:

  1. Be Prepared. Know the objective of the meeting going into it.
  2. Listen.
  3. Identify Next Steps. Set goals and have actionable items that directly advance you.

“It was exciting to hear from the women we’re supporting as an organization. They will be the next generation of leaders,” said one attendee.

So much of their story set up what would be an evening of in-depth discussion on topics that matter to women founders.

Members like Ellen Stang, Founder of Progeny Health, Laura Sicola, Founder of Vocal Impact Productions, and Kathy Bellwoar, Founder of PPT Consulting, took the lead and shared their own experiences with the others in the room.

“What makes this event so unique is the ability to engage in peer-to-peer dialogue. You’re not passively consuming. You're engaging,” said Rose Cook, president of AWE.

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