Three Minute Networking Delivers Results

Jun 27, 2018

How valuable are three minutes? Priceless when they are used to network and make critical connections.

The Havard Business Review recently asked if women’s networking events move the needle on equality.

The short answer is yes.

The study reported in the Harvard Business Review found that women attending Conferences for Women experienced the following outcomes in the year following attendance:

  • Doubled the likelihood of promotion for attendees 
  • Tripled the likelihood of a 10%+ pay increase 
  • Led to 78% of attendees feeling "more optimistic about the future" 

Knowing that 71% of the attendees in the study also said that they “[felt] more connected to others” after attending - and how critical connection is to success - it’s no wonder that AWE holds a networking event every summer to make sure members get to meet as many of each other as possible.

“We’ve held this event for almost as many years as AWE has been in existence,” says executive director Vicki Burkhart. “Each year we try to hone the program to the audience to ensure that it’s a valuable use of time intended to advance business.” 

This year’s event had approximately 50 participants, 60% of whom were company founders. As high-growth female founders, finding peers proves challenging, so it’s critical that we build our network as deeply as we can.

That’s why we engineered the program to deliver the maximum number of connections. This year, participants engaged in intentional networking where three minutes provided the opportunity to make introductions, exchange business cards, and benefit from the diverse group of accomplished women in the room.  

“This is one great evening not to miss,” said Marcia Zaruba O’Connor, the CEO and founder of The O’Connor Group. “The power networking is an amazing opportunity to meet so many people in one night. I never miss this event!!”

Many thanks to the event sponsors - The Burkholder Team and The O'Connor Group, as well as Militia Hill Ventures who hosted the event in their unique workplace. 

It's all about the power of connection. If you’re not a member of AWE, consider becoming one today.

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